Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 46 - Veszprém

From Fresh Nővér's email:

"This week is 'Mini Transfers' and so Sister Maxfield is leaving Vesprém and I am getting Sister Peterson. Honestly I am really sad that Maxfield is leaving ... I really love her and have learned a lot from her and wanted to stay together. She is cute and nice and we had a lot of plans for Christmas already. If I have learned anything from my mission it is that life is full of change and sometimes that change isn't what we want at first, but it seems to always be what we need. ... So I am pretty sure it will turn out good and we will have fun together and I will learn and grow from it all :)"

"[Sister] Maxfield and I made a nativity this week out of paper and cardboard ... I made the donkey and a sheep and then a star for our tree. It's really cute! We already started to decorate and all of our presents are under the tree. It's so cute and every night I just stare at my presents and tell her that I want to open them but she won't let me! ahahaha!"

A karácsonyfa!!! ... Our Christmas Tree!!!

"We had a District Meeting this week and our District Leader announced to us that we get 48 hours off for Christmas!!!! I was so excited I might have cried! It's seriously the best gift ever because I can't imagine anything worse than having to tract and like bother everyone while they are having Christmas. So I'm really excited we will get to have a realish Christmas morning and then just spend time with members and have fun!!!! I think we will get to go to Midnight Mass too :)"

"My week was good ... We had 3 investigators in church, which is the craziest thing, especially here in Hungary. Getting people to church is the hardest thing. So our investigators are progressing nicely which is good :)"

"I almost forgot to tell you that we taught Sunday School this past Sunday!!! I was so scared but it went really well! All I can say is I think that teaching in English will be so much easier someday when I have to do that. So, yea, I was kind of proud of us, and I also sing!. Okay, not well, but ... we sang in our lesson. It was crazy and I think I am going to sing in church soon :)" 

A yummy Sunday Dinner!

"I am happy to be a missionary even though it is hard sometimes. I really love Hungary and my life here. July seems too soon right now; I don't really like it Hahaha!"

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Fresh nővér

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