Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 49 - Veszprém

In her email Fresh Nővér told us how she celebrated Christmas this past week:

Christmas Eve:  "We went to Székes [nickname for Székesféhervár where she served before going to Veszprém] where we had a really chill district meeting and talked about Christlike attributes and our favorite Christmas memories ... After district meeting we ate some food and then went caroling :) So fun!!! We went in some 10 stories and just rang door bells, sang, and passed out candy. It was so cool :) After that we went back to Veszprém and we had a program, but the bus never came and so we had to cancel it.  Then the elders made us dinner :) ... We went to the branch house and they brought some rokott krumpli and a surprise!!!! It was DUCK!!!! I had duck for the first time and it was really good :) Then we played games for a while and went to midnight mass. I was so cool, different  and kind of weird, but cool. ... We went home that night and I slept in the loft ... Oh, and I got FOOTIE PJS!!!"

"We got to see Krisztian on Christmas Eve
in Székesfehérvár."
Fresh Nővér and Swink Elder 
Christmas Caroling in Székesféhervár with
her district.
Back in Veszprém ... Dinner made by the elders!
"They are so nice to us!"
The Veszprém missionaries on their way to
midnight mass.
Fresh Nővér's Christmas Eve gift from
home! Could it be pajamas?

Christmas Day:  "I woke up, opened my presents, and tried to be sneaky by sending Peterson on a scavenger hunt to find her gifts! It worked pretty well. It's just really hard to be sneaky when you are with a person all the time! Haha!  We were both mostly just excited to SKYPE, but we had a few things we had to do before that. We had feeding program number 1... with the Macsériék. They fed us Duck too!!! So good :)  ... We were at their house forever and it was so fun. I was so tired after we ate that I just laid on their couch and almost fell asleep. We then headed to our next feeding program with the Pappék and they fed us the famous halászle (fishermans soup).  I like fish and I like soup but there were too many bones. I am really happy I got to try it though.  Our last feeding program for the day was with Irma and this is where we got to SKYPE!!! She made us a 5 course meal and I only ate one course and then skyped ... It was so good skyping! After I hung up with you all I had to eat the 4 other courses ... We started eating at 12:30 pm that day and finished at about 8 pm. During that time I had approximately 12 courses of food!!!! I have never been so full in my life! After we finished our last meal we went to the branch house and played games with the elders! So that was Christmas ... I loved it and have so many good memories!"

Fresh Nővér in her new PJs
with all of her Christmas gifts!
All dressed up ... new sweater, new hat,
new camera!
Halászle  or Hungarian fishermans 
soup ... yummy but lots of bones!

The rest of the week:  "The work was pretty slow ... It's hard because everyone is with family, out of town, or has to bake, but we had 3 more feeding programs during the next few days. ... Pál is my favorite person. He made us this stuffed cabbage stuff that was so good :) and he is just cute. He is still coming to church each week and reading the scriptures. In church yesterday the speaker was talking about how it is important to read the scriptures for understanding and not just to read them and Pál leaded over to me and said, "He is talking about me." and I said, "No, because you are trying to understand. It' different." It was so cute! I just love him."

Fresh Nővér and Peterson Nővér with tickets to
somewhere or something?
Swink Elder and Fresh Nővér at McDonalds ...
Her first Hungarian Big Mac!

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