Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 47 - Veszprém

Fresh Nővér's email began with a greeting in Hungarian:

"Boldog Karacsonyt ... majd nem :)" 
[Merry Christmas ... but not yet]  

"I don’t even know where to begin ... So you all know that I got a new companion, Sister Peterson, but before that I went to transfers on Wednesday. I love transfers because I get to see all my friends, and we only get to go if we get transferred [or our companion does] but luckily I have gotten to go every time. I love it because it’s just so good to see people, go to lunch and just catch up on how the past few weeks have been. It’s funny because in my past life I don’t feel like I am super social or anything, but here I am this totally social person. It’s fun :)  Anyways it was cool because a bunch of my elder friends went zone leader and they are such good missionaries that I know it will be very good for the mission :)"

"My new companion, Sister Peterson, is probably one of the sweetest, most innocent people in the world. I can’t help but just love her. She really, really likes to sing and does all the time, but she is good at it and so I don’t mind! She is from Magna, Utah, is 22 and really nice, and just like really corky ... like kind of a nerd, but I love it! We talk about Lord of the Rings sometimes and Harry Potter. She knows so much about it all. ... I think everything is going well and I am really happy to be with her!"

Peterson Nővér and Fresh Nővér having fun! 
In fairy tales the princess kisses a frog who turns into
a prince ... Maybe they are trying that on fish!

"Okay, so hmm, I did a bad thing this week and I asked Sister Peterson what she had heard about me. I remember my trainer telling me that our mission was somewhat gossipy because it’s so small and she said that everyone gets a reputation. I told her I would never get one and I didn't want one. Well it happens anyway, and I know my reputation with all my friends and they just think I’m great and funny and cool and like a good mix of missionary and fun, and work and play, but I was interested what she had heard because I don’t really know her and the people she knows are different than the people I know. Anyways ... bad idea! She had heard that I was bad at the language :/ It seriously stinks, because I mean I know I’m not the best and I know that I’m probably behind for my age in the mission, but it stinks to know that other people think that too. Ahahah! But I just had to push it off and just not care because dwelling on it won’t help. I think what I learned most from this is to not care what other people think of you and just rely on God and care what he thinks ... because I might be bad at Hungarian but because of it I pray so much and I feel like my relationship with God and Jesus Christ are so much better ... so yea idk why I wanted to tell you all this but it was just a interesting experience for me."

Hungarian keyboard
The Hungarian Keyboard ... it is said to be one of
the hardest languages for English speakers to learn.

"On a brighter note with the language ... Panni called yesterday to just see when we could meet up again and how I was doing. My whole time in Buda and ever since she has only talked to me in English because she thought I didn't know how to speak ... but yesterday she talked to me in only Hungarian :))) and she told me how pretty I sounded and how much I had progressed. It was seriously the most rewarding thing ever and I just love her for it! She is the cutest thing ever and I really want to serve in Kispest someday so I can be in her ward again That was the highlight of my week!"

The Investigators:
Fresh Nővér talked about their "cute" investigators and said that "they are good!" A few of her comments:

"P is the cutest thing ever and came to church again :)  I seriously love him so much and just really want him to be baptized and love the branch and just feel the love from them."

"Z is doing well, she seems a lot happier and healthier. It’s just hard because they are in such a financial bind, but she is cute ... so when we pray with her and have her pray we help her, like in primary :) I helped her this week ... it was so special because I was like helping someone pray in Hungarian and she honestly said most of it on her own. It’s so cool to see progression."

Growing Old:
"Sister Peterson and I were talking and I told her that I am scared to leave the mission because then I have to grow up and face real life, and she told me something I really liked ... 'Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is a matter of choice.' I love that because I really just want to be fun and a kid forever and I can!"

Aimee at 6 months ... all smiles!
Aimee's mission application photos ...
still all smiles!

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