Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 48 - Veszprém

In her email this week Fresh Nővér gave us information on various subjects ...

"Elf: I am a Christmas elf ... idk if you all know this but I love wrapping presents, so this week I bought a bunch of wrapping paper and I have been wrapping all of the missionaries gifts from their parents for them!!! It is so cool :) I love it because I get to open their packages and see what they are getting, and then i get to wrap everything and make it really pretty! Life is good!!! "

It is definitely winter and "it was really cold"!

"Onion: We now have a game night here in Veszprém every Saturday. We were planing this game where you yell off names of vegetables but you only use the following 4 names: tomato, pepper, lettuce, and cauliflower. Well, for some reason I just started yelling onion and I couldn't help it! Every card I put down I yelled onion and none of them were onions. Haha! It was so funny and I think I will never think of an onion in the same way now :)"

Fresh Nővér and Peterson Nővér playing the
"vegetable" game.

"P.: One of the coolest investigator in Veszprém... still comes to church each week. We asked him about The Book of Mormon and if he knew it was true, and he said he believed it was and if not he wouldn't read it. So we told him he should pray and get a concrete answer, and so we challenged him to read from it and then pray to know if it was true, and told him that after sometime he will  receive an answer :) ... We asked him at church and he had done what we asked and so now we are all just excited because we know that eventually he will receive the answer that what he is reading is true! :) So cool!"

Fresh Nővér and I., another of the wonderful
investigators in Veszprém,

"Zone Conference: It was so good! I feel inspired to be a better version of me. That's the coolest thing to me, that I wasn't sent here to become someone else, I was just sent here to become better. During President Smith's talk he told us that our missions were preparing us for the rest of our lives and that we will be able to look back on our missions when we are going through trails and say, 'I've had worse than this ... I served in Hungary!' It was really great! we also played games, and I got to stand next to Santa. We did a white elephant exchange, and I got my packages and letters!!!! I love mail :)  The only down fall was I had what we think might have been my first migraine ever!!! it was awful and the train got delayed for an hour... but thank the medicine I took because I feel great now! "

Fresh Nővér, Santa, Butterfield Nővér, 
and Broadhead Nővér

"Clumsy: I am! I fell off the couch at our RCLAs house during the program and I trip all the time... its cool though!" 

"My tights fell down while we were
walking home! Haha!"

"My City": Fresh Nővér has had camera problems the past several weeks and the new camera we sent her just arrived this week. She used it to take some photos of  her beautiful city, Veszprém.

The beautiful red and orange roofs of Veszprém
with St. Stephens Church in the background. 
This door is probably in the Castle
District of Veszprém.
Veszprém's Town Square with the Fire Tower
(used as a watch tower in past centuries) in the
View of a portion of Veszprém on a cold and
cloudy winters day.

"SKYPE: Peterson and I calculated the hours until we skype the other day and I know it's so much less than that now, which blows my mind!!!!! Last time we skyped I was a greenie!!! I hope I have progressed :)) I seriously can't wait to skype!!!"

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