Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 73 - Győr

Sister Fresh started her email with this observation:
"Time is going really fast ... how is it already JUNE 17th??  MEHHHHH Okay, well another week has passed ... and it was good, busy but good."

These are some of the highlights from the week:

On Tuesday Sister Fresh and Sister Williamson met with Tamás, a new member. Not only did they have "a good program" but she shared "the best news ever ... Just to settle my last few Hungarian food cravings he invited us to his house on Sunday for lunch and this is so good because his mother makes the best food ever!! I died the last time we were there because it was so so good :) So excited!!!

"Wednesday was kind of a hard day for me. We had a stacked day with like programs and stuff to do all day long and I was really excited to teach people and just be busy doing things and not just finding. So, our first program gave us a wrong address, and the next two didn't show up to theirs. I was having a rough time ... but, luckily Basel, on of our investigators came through and we had a really good lesson with him :) Also we got fagyi and that made things better of course ahaha!"

"fagyi" = ice cream

Thursday morning "we had district meeting... yeah!! I love our elders! Our whole district meeting we were talking about how we can have more unity in the ward and stuff so that the missionaries and members can work together :) ... After that, we got on a train and headed up to Budapest for splits. It was really good, and I got to teach an old investigator that i taught back when I was in Buda :) So fun because I could understand him now and talk with him and have social skills! I went with Sister Fowers who is from [MTC] group and we had a lot of fun. It was really weird being away from Sister Williamson though. I felt like a mom and got really worried about her. I'm weird, I know."     

Fresh Nővér with her "old investigator" in Buda. 

Splits in Buda on Friday with Fowers Nővér
... The river in the background is the Duna.

Sister Fresh and Sister Williamson returned home Friday night and enjoyed both sports nap and a ward party on Saturday. "We had a water balloon fight and lets just say if there was a loser I think it was me... my hair and back were soaked! Haha! The ward party was super fun :)" 

Sunday morning ... "Church was great!" In the afternoon, "we headed to the train station and went back to Budapest for greenie training... we stayed the night at the Smith's and had dinner with them. Sister Butterfield was also there [they are going to be roommates at BYU next fall] We talked a lot it was great :)"

On Monday Sister Williamson was involved in "Greenie" Training meetings so "Sister Butterfield and I just talked forever in the morning and then met up with our elder friends serving in the city and went to lunch :) It was great to see them all."

Next "Friday we go one more time to Buda. I love Buda but I'm kind of excited for like a normal week of mission life too!" 

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