Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 75 - Győr

"This week was good, but it went really fast! Let me try and remember what happened ..."

"We went and visited Ibolya who is one of our investigators today. Her one daughter is on a mission in Germany and her other daughter [Daniella] that is 10 years old is a member.  Anyways, it was so cute ...  They set up a table for us outside and had yummy food and other stuff. We brought little missionary name tags for the kids :) They are also having us over the next two Saturdays for a szolna sütés and a barbeque :)))))"

Two happy missionaries ... :) 
Fresh Nővér , Ibolya, and Williamson Nővér  

Basel, one of the solid investigators they had been working with moved to Pest this week.  "I'm super sad he is gone but I think it will actually be better for him because he will be there with his family and they can go to the international ward. ... In our last program it was so sweet when he was telling us how he is glad he has been able to meet with us. He also said that the night we first met on the street he took a different way home than usual. ..." 

"Goodbye Basel"

"We had a funny experience with tracting this week.... So we are at a door and Sister Williamson is doing the approach and we hear this little voice that says,"Are you a boy or girl?" Haha! We were confused but then this néni opens the door and she is just in her bra and underwear! Sister Williamson says her door approach and the néni lets us in! ahaha it was great!!! After that Sister Williamson basically does everything and asks  her some questions. I just said a little something at the end... it was great:) and super funny!"

"Teaching Sister Williamson how to
side saddle :)"

"Church was cool and we had a special guest.... President Smith [the mission president] and his crew. It was cool and I had to translate for the women who came into Relief Society. It was only like 5 minutes though because then we were combined with the Priesthood since it was the 5th Sunday. It was nice to see them all . They kept making going home comments like "Why is everyone so trunky?" Hahaha!" 

"Look what I found in my soup .... "

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