Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 72 - Győr

Fresh Nővér's email came on Tuesday this week because of a Hungarian national holiday called Whit Monday which follows Whit Sunday or the Day of Pentacost. She said, "So our week was good, but it went sooo fast! Like I'm kind of mad how fast it went and it's the worst because this week and next week are both really busy and so I feel like they are practically already gone. Anyways ... here are some highlights:"

Sister Williamson - Sister Fresh has loved having Sister Williamson as a companion and says she is doing great! "She taught the restoration by herself on Thursday" and had some success streeting. "It's been super fun to see and get to know her better :)" 

Bowling - "Last p-day we went bowling in like an old school bowling rink, if you can even call it that. The balls didn't have holes and idk it was just so cute :) I am really bad, even though I talked myself up and said how I was on a bowling league... It didn't show in my score ahaha but it was so fun :) We made all sorts of weird competitions for ourselves like throwing the ball backwards or with our eyes closed. So great!"

The elders and sisters at the bowling alley in Győr.

A Castle - "This p-day, yesterday, we went to a castle. It was super pretty and we had a lot of fun looking at it and climbing in the trees around it. We also we played games with the elders in the branch house!!!"

Eszterháza Palace, in Fertőd, Hungary, is near
the Austrian border.

The next few weeks - "So these next few weeks will be crazy because we go up to Budapest 3 times ... Friday we have splits, Monday is greenie training, and next Friday is Zone Conference ... that's why time will just fly!!! mehhh I'm freaking out. I feel like June just started and it's already the 9th ... It's like I'm on a weird roller coaster of emotions and I am really anticipating the end like a bomb is going to go off and I am looking at the time go down really fast ... "

Sister Fresh and Sister
Williamson had
"Burgers that taste like America!"
"I tried on Sister Williamson's
quited skirt...
 I feel like I live in Thailand!

"Well ...  life is good and happy. I love it here and am working hard until the end :)"

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