Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 74 - Győr

From Fresh Nővér 's email this week:

"So I have started to freak out this week... let me explain. Once I stepped into my last transfer everyone started to talk about how I go home so soon, but I didn't feel it. On Friday at Zone conference I gave my departing testimony and idk it feels a lot more real now.  My thoughts are like up and down all day... home will be great, I don't want to go, I'm so tired, I love Hungary, free time, boys scare me, AC, Hungarian ice cream.... and so on. I'm really a crazy person!"

"Everyone has been asking me weird questions like, 'What are you going to do when you get home?' and 'Are you excited?' and 'What will you miss about Hungary?'... It's crazy! Also, like all my elder friends at Zone Conference were trying to say it was the last time they would see me, and they can't believe I'm going home already, ..."

Fresh Nővér with her "elder friends" at Zone Conference.
Some sisters in her Zone who were in the MTC
with Fresh Nővér. 

A tender mercy this week was that Kriszti and Panni, two of her wonderful friends from Buda, came to visit the missionaries at Zone Conference!!!

Fresh Nővér, Kriszti, and Butterfield Nővér

"I got to see Panni on Friday :) So great ... I love her so much and will miss her!!!

Funny faces ... 
and more funny faces with Panni!
Williamson Nővér, Fresh Nővér, and Panni

"So we had a lot of feeding programs this week and omg we went to one with the elders and they literally made food for an army. There were like 4 different types of meat and we were all expected to eat at least one of each and then on top of that vegetables and potatoes. It was so good and so fun, just like so much food! ahha  I love spending time with the members and getting to know them better. They are all really cool and have super interesting stories :)"

With "Tamas and his family‏"!

"So this week was weird and crazy and we witnessed a miracle ...."

"On Saturday there was a baptism in Pápa and so we decided to go since Sister Williamson hadn't seen a baptism here yet. We show up like right before it was about to start and the Pápa elders say, 'The font doors are locked, will you try your key?'  So we tried it, of course, and it doesn't work. (Our key is the lame one that only opens the front door). Anyways Williamson has this idea that we should check the office and see if we can find a key that will work... Honestly I have no faith at this point because no one leaves the all access key just laying around ,right? So I start to open cabinets and look in them and we find nothing but then we come across a locked cabinet. I'm thinking "It stinks that our key won't open that"... but i try anyways and what do you know, it opens the door and inside is the magic key that opens the font. We open the font and then put the key back and close the cabinet, and try to lock it with my key that just opened it, but now my key won't work ... I know right crazy!!! We tried everything but just came to the decision that God is real and he wanted the baptism to go on smoothly and so he made our lame key work one time to open the locked cabinet :)  Mircles are real!"

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